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Kids piano lesson in Austin

Gao Music Academy is committed to enrich the lives of students of all ages throughout the San Antonio with lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music through passionate, professional, and multicultural instruction that inspires and fosters musical proficiency and creativity.

We unlock the potential and passion of our students in a natural and enjoyable way. We teach music the way we experience it--as a gift that will enrich our lives. We develop our students’ technical proficiency and inspire their musical creativity through methods based on their learning styles. We deliver encouragement, inspiration, and support in a nurturing and multicultural environment.

We are committed to seeing our students succeed by providing quality music lessons.  This is accomplished through understanding and customizing lessons based on each student's needs and learning style to maintain a fun and positive learning environment. 

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Our Mission

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Monday-Friday 10:00am-8:00pm

Saturday- 9:00am-4:00pm




2101 Cochise Trail, Austin, TX, 78733

Tel: 512-914-5578

Email: yunxiang@gaomusicacademy.com

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