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Yunxiang Gao

Founder of Gao Music Academy 

B.A from Central Conservatory of Music

M.A from University of California, Irvine

D.M.A from University of California, Santa Cruz

Founder’s Notes 


I started learning piano at the age of two. Music has been a fundamental part of me before I can even remember.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching others what I have learned as seeing the spark of insight and passion related to music fills me with joy.  I believe that it is through bettering our talents, such as music, that the world becomes richer, more vibrant, and a better place in which to live. 

Music Theory Lessons in Stone Oak San Antonio


A Chinese idiom says that a journey of 10,000 Li begins under one's feet.  in the case of learning a musical instrument, that journey never ends. Gao Music Academy welcomes students of all levels to either start or continue along that journey together with us.  

The First Note


Gao Music Academy takes a holistic approach to music training by teaching ever advanced techniques along with music theory and ear training.  Students are taught in a manner that fits their unique abilities and personalities. This approach has garnered great success in certification tests and also leads to life-long interest and enjoyment of music.

Training In Harmony


Students at Gao Music Academy make steady progress towards their learning goals, whatever those may be.  From the casual learner who wants to learn a musical instrument to unwind at the end of the day to the student whose goal is to be a consummate professional, all will make steady progress towards achieving their goals, provided they put in the required effort.  Come make music with us today.  The future never sounded so good!

The Future Sounds Good

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2101 Cochise trl|Austin, TX| 78733|

Tel: 512-914-5578

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