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Music in Me!© (Ages 5-7)

The Music in Me!© course is carefully constructed for children to learn the basic building blocks of music. Its emphasis is on ear training, solfege singing, keyboard playing, ensemble and rhythm activities, movement and music creativity.


This exceptional course gives the student "inner hearing", which makes transposing, improvisation and composing easily accessible in their musical studies. Parents and caregivers are fully involved in class and at home.


By the end of the first 3 month of Music in Me!©, children are able to play approximately 4-5 piano pieces (2 of them with both hands), read notes on the Bass & Treble clef, learn simple harmonization techniques, and sing over 10 songs.

The main components of the preschool program are:

  • Rhythm

  • Melody

  • Elementary note and notation recognition

  • Discovering movement and music

  • Learning to sing and listen

  • Making music with percussion instruments

  • Recognition of orchestral instruments

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