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First guides for children to learn piano

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

1. Listen to other's performance should be the first step to learn a piano song.

2. When children learn a new piano song, they should play the new song with two hands separately, and slowly.

3. Practice section by section.

Learning how to play piano is not difficult, practice is the key! Yunxiang offers piano lessons for people of all ages in Lake Hills, Austin. The majority of her students are children age five and up. But in some cases, she also accepts precocious kid's from age four. In extremely rare situations, she has even taught children at the age of three, but such children had the ability to focus intently and could even read. Every child has their own pace, though, so parents shouldn't worry about the specific age of their children when they start piano lessons. Some kids advance quickly in their piano lessons at first, but then stagnate, while others are just the opposite. Gao Music Academy offers piano and music lessons for the residents of West Austin, both children and adults. There are many piano teachers in Austin and West Lake Hills, but Yunxiang Gao has a combination of traits that has garnered great praise from her students and their parents. Come see the difference for yourself!

Please check out some of my reviews from students:

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