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ABRSM Exam is on the way

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

2019 ABRSM exam opens on Jan.1, for my current piano students who want to participate for next year, please enroll in the exam preparation class.

Requirement for the exam:

1. Piano repertoire

2. Ear training

3. Music theory

Piano lessons should not be torture. Great piano students should love to practice the piano. Only consistent and appropriate feedback can guarantee that music will become part of the soul. Great piano teachers understand how to do this. Parents should feel free to compare and contrast all the piano teachers around Austin and in West Lake Hills and Lost Creek. When doing so, please schedule a trial lesson with Gao Music Academy. Almost all students who participate in trial lessons chooses Yunxiang Gao as their piano teacher. They typically greatly look forward to coming each week to their piano lesson in Austin.

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